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Enroll in vocational training by... cellphones
10:51' 11/23/2020

Students, candidates and employees can easily choose careers, register to apply online at all times of the year.

An interface in the app “Choose career - Choose school”

This is a solution to increase digital transformation, attract learners, make a change in the size, quality and efficiency of vocational education and training, increase national competitiveness in the new context.

App “Choose career - Choose school”

Developed and put into application in 2018, upgraded in 2019, up to now, the Choosing Career - Choose School app has added many utilities to effectively support students, candidates, learners, parents, employees, etc,. to get extra information, learn, choose trades, choose schools.

According to the General Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, to use the application, users must visit Google Play App Store or Apple Store to download to their devices. Students can learn about trades, schools and then register for admission as well as can immediately register for schools and trades from the main interface of the application.

At the main interface of the application, there are information sections on choosing trades, training schools and enrollment registration. When finding information about a career, users just need to enter the profession they want in the search box, there will be useful information coming up immediately such as: Job description, the main tasks of the profession, the job position of the profession, related occupations, etc. Regarding the training process, the app describes the main modules and subjects, some requirements for learners, learning outcomes, suitable subjects for the profession, training costs , list of training institutions, post-graduation job opportunities, career development opportunities, jobs, etc.


Especially, after chosen a trade and an institution, the candidate can apply online for the school admission right at this application. In other words, in the past, candidates had to visit the websites of each school to find information, today this app are focused, optimized for searching, registering trades, schools for candidates; all just in mobile devices, available anytime, anywhere.

The database of the application includes the updated enrollment information of 383 colleges; 503 intermediate schools; 19 other VET institutions.

Flexible enrollment

Mr. Truong Anh Dung - General Director of the General Directorate of Vocational Education and Training said: The VET system has a very flexible enrollment method, any institutions that has full classes can start a new academic school year. However, at a certain time, some institutions have recruited enough quotas, or have opened; students must contact those to get information about the appropriate time of submission.

At present, there are many methods of submission available such as: Direct submission, post or online submission.

Students can access the app on mobile phones to choose the trade and register to apply for training courses. On the app, there is a lot of information about training institutions, occupations being trained, other information about job opportunities, income level of jobs after training, expected tuition fees, etc. There are hundreds of occupations as well as training institutions to choose in the app.

Similar to the app, candidates can visit the website of the General Directorate of Vocational Education and Training to apply for a trade, or the web of schools to choose a trade to study, then apply online at the school’s website or the app mentioned above.

According to the General Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, the network of VET institutions now has nearly 2.000 training institutions, including more than 400 colleges, 492 intermediate schools and more than 1.000 VET centers. VET institutions have been supported to invest in repairing and renovating practice workshops, purchasing machinery and equipment for training. Developing programs and textbooks, training and fostering a contingent of teachers and administrators. Pupils and students can approach and practice on modern machinery and equipment, consistent with the actual production in enterprises.

In recent years, the rate of job graduates from vocational schools has reached approximately 85%, the average income is between 7-10 million VND per month.

Source: Giaoducthoidai.vn

(Students, candidates and employees can easily choose careers, register to apply online at all times of the year.)

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