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Training associated with Employment-Advantages of vocational schools
13:59' 11/30/2022

Enrollment work of colleges and intermediate schools this year lasted longer than every year because the universities was still recruiting additionally. Besides colleges and intermediate schools, which are struggling to enroll, there are still schools that have basically "finished" in this race when linking training with employment.

Many students aim for grade 9+ 

As recorded at colleges and intermediate schools (vocational schools), enrollment of grade 9+ (vocational training combined with cultural studies of continuing education centers) at some colleges and intermediate schools soon reached the target.

Hanoi Tourism Intermediate School in the school year 2022-2023 recruited 157 students, up to 130 students studied 9+ on the basis of cooperation with the Center for Continuing Education in Cau Giay District (Hanoi). Mr. Truong Tuong Lan, Rector of Hanoi Tourism Intermediate School said: The children have both learned general education program and vocational training, in which vocational training is free according to the regulations of the State. In the last class, 100% of students in 9+ passed the high school graduation exam, some of them wanted to study at universities, some graduated, got a job or opened a business. Thanks to training associated with employment, the enrollment with the 9+ system this year was completed quite early.

A cooking class at the Hanoi Tourism Intermediate School

“Recently, a number of intermediate classes such as restaurant management and food processing have had nearly a dozen students who had attended university but returned to vocational training to meet recruitment requirements. The school cooperates with 247 business partners and commits that 100% of graduates will have jobs”, shared Mr. Truong Tuong Lan.

Meanwhile, Lilama 2 International College of Technology (Long Thanh, Dong Nai) also soon completed the enrollment target with 9+ system very early. Mr. Nguyen Khanh Cuong, Rector of Lilama 2 International College of Technology said: This year the college system recruited more than 600 students over the target of 700. The intermediate level is mainly 9+, the school recruited 1,200 students very early. Notably, this year, the 9+ system recruited early and the school had to close the number of admitted students early because the demand for registration was very large.

Meanwhile, Mr. Le Phuoc Trieu, head of the Training Department, Ba Ria - Vung Tau College of Engineering and Technology, said: This year, admissions to vocational schools face general difficulties because university facilities are still continuing their additional enrollment. This year, the school has an enrollment target of 1,495 students. Up to now, the middle school system has recruited 1,100 students and the college system has more than 300 students. This year's intermediate system increased because mainly students enrolled in 9+. The most recruited industries are automotive, industrial electrical, air conditioning engineering, information technology, graphic design...

According to many colleges and intermediate schools in the country, many students enrolled in the 9+ system this year because this is a combination of vocational training and general education. In which, general education is combined with a continuing education in the local area. Vocational training will be carried out by colleges and schools, in which vocational training in vocational schools is free. Therefore, many children of families in peri-urban areas, rural and mountainous areas, the 9+ system choose to study at vocational training institutions while attending general education courses for the national high school graduation exam. They then want to transfer to university. At the same time, students who have just completed their studies in vocational training institutions can join the labor market to help their families.

Linking training with businesses

For many colleges and schools providing vocations that are highly required by the labour market or committing that their graduates will surely have jobs, their enrollment will be more favorable.

Mr. Nguyen Khanh Cuong, Rector of Lilama 2 International College of Technology said: In order to meet the recruitment needs of businesses, the school pays attention to the quality of teaching and job creation and new technology updating ... Thus, students will be equipped with vocational skills and soft skills. Regarding vocational skills, the school always updates and builds the training program to meet common standards, especially according to German standards with the professions of metal cutting mechanics, construction mechanics, industrial mechatronics, industrial robots, automation…

A class following the standard German model at Lilama 2 International College of Technology

“Currently, the human resources trained by the school not only meet the domestic market but also the foreign market, especially the German market. The school is implementing the German dual training model with the participation of businesses right from the beginning of the program. Therefore, there are classes that have just graduated, all students in the class are accepted to work in Germany”, shared Mr. Nguyen Khanh Cuong.

Meanwhile, Mr. Le Phuoc Trieu said: "In order to attract students, Ba Ria - Vung Tau College of Engineering and Technology provides training program linking with businesses. During the implementation of the program, businesses are invited to revise the program in accordance with their requirements. The school has signed cooperation agreements with 100 businesses, including many Japanese businesses that are investing in the area and arranging exams and assessments at enterprises.

Nguyen Viet Sang, just graduated from the college, is now working for the control room of the machine department, Kraft of Asia Paperboard & Packaging Co., Ltd. (KOA). At Ba Ria - Vung Tau College of Engineering and Technology. He studied mechanical engineering, majoring in mold making. He did an internship at the company. He had a chance to access Japanese technology in the last year at the school.

 “Therefore, when I graduated I was accepted to work with a salary of more than 10 million VND in the company. In my class alone, there are 20 students who work at enterprises that they did internships with, said Nguyen Viet Sang.

Nguyen Viet Sang officially works for the company that he did internship

Mr. Matsumura Hiroshi, General Director of Kraft of Asia Paperboard & Packaging Co., Ltd (KOA) (in Phu My 3 Intensive Industrial Park, Phu My Town, Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province) said: When the factory went into operation, the company worked with the school to recruit personnel and found that the skills and technical qualifications were very good, and their adaptability to the job was fast. However, the issue that Vietnamese workers and technicians need to pay attention to is safety at work. In this regard, schools need to focus on providing safety training for the students right in the learning process.”

And Mr. Phan The Binh, Head of the Training Department of the Central Electricity College, said: The school has recruited 200 students. The school belongs to the Central Power Corporation and is oriented to intensive training in the electricity industry. All students after graduation have jobs. In addition, the school changed its direction from formal training to training and retraining for upgrading levels for workers and employees in the company of about 10,000 people.

The advantages of training associated with commitment to employment are being promoted by vocational schools. According to Mr. Nguyen Van Huy, Vice President of Hanoi Industrial Vocational College, up to now, enrollment has reached 95%, of which the college system has recruited nearly 1,000 students and the secondary school has recruited 360 students. The fields that many students choose are automotive technology, information technology, and graphic design. Besides, there are electrical, air-conditioners, electronics, and electromechanical…

“Students during the enrollment process all said that they chose vocations like automotive technology, graphic design ... because the market is in need of these vocations and after graduation, they easily find jobs," Mr. Huy shared.

Vocational schools have recognized that most of the students who apply for admission since September are students who immediately identify the vocational training path associated with employment so that the vocations are highly required by the labour market with a stable salary of about 8 million to over 10 million dong/month, soon meet the enrollment quota. According to the enrollment notice, vocational schools will continue to enroll students until the end of the year.


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