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Leaders of Directorate of Vocational Education and Training


 Director General – Dr. Trương Anh Dũng



- To overally direct operation of DVET.

- Direct the formulation of vocational training and education (VET) development strategy; Planning; Medium-term, long-term and annual plans; Autonomy mechanism and policies on VET; Socialization of VET; Registration of VET activities; Enrolment and training organizations; High quality vocational training; Business connection; Planning and reorganizing VET institutions network; Organizational and personnel work of DVET, VET Managerial officers; Internal political protection; VET projects under national target programs, ODA funded VET Projects; Planning - finance; Office work, foreign affairs, administrative reform, application of information technology in teaching and learning; Programs and plans to coordinate with socio-political organizations and VET organizations.

- To direct Committees and Councils: The Steering Committee of VET training pilot at national and international levels; to be Head of Organizing Committee for National Skill Competition, ASEANSkills Competition and Worldskills International Competition; Steering Committee for thrift practice against waste; Steering Committee on the Implementation of Democratic Regulations; Appraisal Council on establishment of colleges;  Council on Salary and Corporate Relations.

- To be in charge of Departments: Department of Organization and Personnel; Office; Department of Planning and Finance; Department of Formal Training; Management Unit of ODA funded VET Projects; Management Unit of VET Projects funded by NTPs, TPs in the period 2016 - 2020
Deputy Director General - Dr. Đỗ Năng Khánh



- To direct regular training, training at elementary level; VET quality accreditation; Facilities and equipment for VET; Student Affairs.

- To be in charge of following projects and programs: Queries by National Assembly deputies and voters; Start-up and career guidance project; Project on VET for rural workers, disadvantaged people; Project on VET for workers working abroad and VET for export; Scheme of digital transformation and online learning in VET; Project on developing information technology application skills for the workforce; National award for outstanding learners in VET system; Honoring human resources with excellent occupational skills; Projects and programs related to VET Facilities and equipment; VET Quality accreditation.

- To direct Committees and Councils: Military Commanding Board of DVET; Department of flood and storm control; Defense Education Council; Self-made VET contest; Arts contest; Sports competition.

- To be in charge of Departments: Department of Physical Facilities and Equipment; Department of Student Affairs; Department of Continuing Training; Vocational Education and training Accreditation Agency

Deputy Director General - Dr. Nguyễn Thị Việt Hương


- To direct legal documents development; Teacher affairs; Legal work; Inspection work; Occupational skills; VET science; Communication and press work.

- To be in charge of projects and programs related to VET teachers; Legislation - inspection; Occupational skills; VET science.

- To direct the following Committees, Councils: Sectors skills Councils; Emulation and Reward Council; DVET’s Science Council; Science Council of National Institute of Vocational Education and Training; Committee for the advancement of women; Anti-corruption Steering Committee; Website Editorial Board of DVET’s website; National, ASEAN and international skills competitions; VET teacher contest; Program on Skills Ambassador.

- To be in charge of the following departments: Department of Teachers Affairs, Department of Legal Affairs - Inspection, Department of Occupational Skills, National Institute of Vocational Education and Training




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