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Standardize and develop vocational skills for employees
13:52' 11/15/2022

Guaranteed access to training

Accordingly, specific targets and key targets by 2030 will standardize the national occupational skill level (NPK) for about 50% of the labor force.

In which, more than 30% of workers with high qualifications have national occupational skills level 4, 5 or equivalent, in which priority is given to workers working in key industries and occupations and industrial applications. new technology, high technology, employees in key economic sectors, priority, sustainable socio-economic development program. About 70% of workers reach the remaining qualifications, in which priority is given to young people from 15 to 30 years old, workers working in enterprises, and vulnerable workers.

Ensure access to training, vocational skills development, lifelong learning for over 70% of the workforce.  Newly build and update about 500 sets of national occupational skills standards, 500 sets of knowledge question banks, practice tests corresponding to each occupation to develop output standards according to national occupational skills standards, develop training programs and materials , training and improving professional skills.

Improving the quality of labor through training, retraining, improving vocational skills associated with assessment and granting of certificates of national occupational skills, ensuring that over 90% of workers are standardized to meet the requirements of the domestic labor market and effectively participate in the international labor market. Striving for 80% of employees working at enterprises to be trained, fostered, equipped with basic skills and capacities, towards universalizing basic skills and competencies for employees.

In response to the increasing  demand  for skilled workers to  serve the comprehensive renovation process, accelerate industrialization and modernization and integrate  more and more  deeply into the world economy , the Vietnamese labor force The South still has many limitations and inadequacies expressed in aspects such as: nearly 74% of trained workers do not have diplomas and certificates, accounting for the majority. The shortage of basic skills, core skills and professional and technical skills is common, especially in labor-intensive fields, industries and occupations.   

Notably, the indicators related to Vietnamese labor skills are still low compared to the region and the world, there is an imbalance in the labor structure by industry, occupation, between regions, regions, rural and urban areas. About 90% of Vietnamese workers going to work abroad have low skill levels, simple labor, and difficulties when integrating into the international labor market.

Along with that, the orientation to 2045 is to raise the level of Vietnamese labor skills to develop human resources with high vocational skills to meet the goals of socio-economic development, catch up and progress at the same advanced level. of the world. Raising the ranking of the occupational skills index of the workforce in the top 60 countries, contributing to turning the country into a developed and high-income country.

Urgent mission

Over the past two years, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the labor market, the labor supply chain has been broken, the shortage of labor skills has become more serious in many industries, workers are underemployed, lose their jobs, reduce their income, especially the group of workers with low working skills. After the COVID -19 pandemic, there has been a movement to test and shorten the working week in the world such as the US, UK, Belgium, Korea, Japan, and India.

This shows that it is very important and essential to improve occupational skills for workers in order to improve labor productivity in preparation for this process.


In order to meet the requirements of the socio-economic recovery period, create a solid foundation for continuing to implement strategic breakthroughs in the development of skilled human resources, turning our country into a developed country. with modern industry as the goal of the Resolution of the 13th National Congress of the Party. Based on practice and thoroughly grasping the Resolution of the Party Congress and the Government's Resolution, the development of the Project "Upgrading Vietnamese labor skills" to meet the above requirements is an urgent task.


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