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16:5' 6/3/2021

The establishment of National TVET Council (MTVET) is a government manifestation in improving the coordination of the country's TVET ecosystem in the effort to ensure the TVET route as a national agenda, according to Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Noraini Ahmad. 

In an official Facebook post, Noraini said three strategic thrusts, namely integrated and coordinated governance, industry-driven TVET and TVET shaping the future, as well as 12 empowerment strategies have been outlined to empower TVET as a national agenda.

Additionally, six major initiatives have been presented as the direction of TVET empowerment agenda which is to frame a sustainable model of funding, develop policies to promote industrial participation, create a National TVET Branding Plan, establishing a TVET Collaboration Hub, establishing a coordinating policy of TVET programs and building TVET Eid Data.

Strategic collaboration across ministries supported by industry involvement will be implemented continuously to ensure educational institutions can plan and train students with knowledge and skills that meet industry needs.

Noraini said the ministry has also presented two papers to set the direction for national TVET policy formulation, namely the National TVET Council: New Mandate of TVET Empowerment Agenda and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Empowerment Agenda, at the MTVET meeting yesterday.

She said the inaugural meeting held online, was chaired by Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and attended by Cabinet ministers and industry representatives.

Apart from industry figures and academic representatives who are also strategic partners in sharing data, expertise, technology, new knowledge and significant research for the benefit of policy makers and TVET practitioners, the council comprised members from various other ministries and agencies.

Through the posting she also informed that the governance structure of the council consists of three levels, namely the National TVET Council, MTVET Executive Committee and TVET Focus Group.

Source: https://sea-vet.net/news/860-malaysia-sets-up-national-tvet-council-to-enhance-tvet-ecosystem


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