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ILO Career Guidance Mobile Phone App “ILO-Huong nghiep”: Support students to choose careers
8:51' 1/12/2021

In frame of Project "Applying the G20 training strategy in Vietnam: A partnership of the ILO and the Russian Federation (phase 2)", ILO lauch the career guidace packages and mobile phone app "ILO-Huong nghiep"in Hanoi, on 02/10/2020. This Mobile phone app aims to improve young people’s access to career guidance services - to make the right career choice.

ILO career guidance packages (Photo: ILO)

To narrow the gap between traditional training and the rapid changes of technology in the context of I.R 4.0, a mobile phone application was developed based on the ILO’s Career Guidance Package for Viet Nam -developed for young people (ages 14 to 19). The tool was developed using Garner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences to help students discover their own interests, aptitude, and potentials.