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Candidate emulating in 26 professions at 9th national skill competition
11:1' 11/25/2015
(H.B) In the morning 28/9/2015, in Hanoi, General Directorate of Vocational Training (Ministry of Labour – Invalids and Social Affairs) held the conference “preparation for 9th National Skill Competition 2016”. Attendees in the conference includes Mr. Duong Duc Lan, Director-General of General Directorate of Vocational Training; Mr. Cao Van Sam, Deputy Director General of General Directorate of Vocational Training, representatives of Departments, units that are members of General Directorate of Vocational Training; hosting schools.

Delivering a speech at the conference, Mr. Duong Duc Lam, Director General of General Directorate of Vocational Training emphasized that, the purpose of national skill competition is to honor highly skilled young labor, create a movement of learning, strengthening skills in enterprises and vocational training institutions. The benefits of taking part in national, regional and world skill competitions are enormous and facilitate improvement of labor productivity, national competitiveness. National Skill Competition plays a crucial role in determining the quality of ASEAN skill competition and World skill competition. When ASEAN economic community is officially established by the end of 2015, labor of different countries can move to other countries within the region. That movement requires mutual recognition of vocational skills between countries.

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9th National skill competition will be held from 23 – 30/5/2016 with 26 professions: Mechatronics; Mechanical engineering design; IT software solution; Welding; Wall and Floor tiling; plumbing; Electronics; Website design; Electrical installation; Brick laying; Aesthetic carpentry; Civil carpentry; Hair styling; Beauty care; Fashion technology; Automobile technology; IT network management; Industrial automation; Information cable installation; CNC machinery maintenance; Mobile robotics and Interior and exterior decoration. Contestants are those studying at vocational colleges, vocational schools, universities, colleges and vocational training institutions…with age not higher than 22. Age of contestants in mechatronics, information cable installation and industrial automation is not higher than 25.
There will be 5 Examination Councils which include hosting organizations: Ha Noi Vocational College of High Technology; Hue Tourism College; College of Urban Works Construction; Industrial Vocational College Hanoi; Vocational College of Technology, Economics and Forest Product Processing.
Organizing Board will select distinctive candidates for participating in 11th ASEAN skill competition in Malaysia in 9/2016 and 44th World skill competition in Abu Dhabi in 2017”.

Mr. Nguyen Chi Truong, Deputy Director of the Department of Occupational Skills delivers a report of the outcomes of
1st Organizing Committee Conference for 11th ASEAN skill competition in  Malaysia and plan of organizing 9th national skill competition, participating
in 11th ASEAN skill competition and 44th world skill competition in 2017

At the conference, the participants also gave recommendations and passed the regulation on organizing 9th national skill competition 2016.
During the conference, representatives from hosting schools proposed to reduce cost, increase saving in investment of training equipment; carefully select chief expert to ensure the interests of delegations (can be selected from enterprises for the update of new standard). On exam, representative of Hue Tourism College, hosting organization for 2 professions: restaurant service and cooking proposed to include foreign language skill used dealing with different situations to increase competitiveness and classification of contestants.


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