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Ha Tinh: Streaming, vocational guidance: Joining hands is needed!
16:43' 4/12/2016

Streaming and vocational guidance facing difficulties and having not accomplished the desired result lead to in the imbalance of the province’s socio-economic development, rising unemployment rate...
Oversupply of teachers, shortage of skilled workers
According to the survey data of the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, out of 2,955 unemployed workers (in 2015) there were 1,078 people with university degree (accounting for 36.4%), 612 people with professional college degree (20.7 %), while only 136 people have vocational college qualification (4.6%), 134 people have vocational secondary school qualification (4.5%), 97 have primary vocational school qualification. The report also shows that the fields that have highest unemployment rate are social sciences and humanities, education - training, healthcare, economics, finance...

Selecting a discipline that suits the capacity and needs of the society is making contribution to solving the problem of labor - employment.
According to Mr. Le Xuan Y - Deputy Head of Vocational Training Unit (Department of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs): “Basically, the thinking of the concept of teacher - workers is still ingrained in the minds of people. In addition to family reasons and crowd psychology, social trend is also a cause. Because right now, the appointment, promotion are still based on qualifications so that students still tend to choose to become teacher. This leads to the excess of teachers - lack of workers”.
These years, vocational training institutions in the province have made many attempts in enrollment, improved the quality of training. However, there is a sad fact that today, the number of highly-skilled graduate students is not high. Most workers after recruited have to undertake retraining and advanced training to meet the requirements of the job.
Formosa is one of the businesses organizing many labor recruitment events held at vocational training institutions in the province, such as Vietnam German Vocational College, Vocational College of Technology, Ha Tinh Vocational Intermediate School... After recruiting, in order to help the workers meet the job requirements, the company needs to invest time, considerable amount of funding for retraining.
Explaining the issue, Mr. Le Xuan Y said: Because today, vocational training institutions do not have teaching staff who are skilled workers with practical experience that can be used in teaching. Most of school teachers come from pedagogical or technical universities ... so even they have theoretical savvy, practical experience is not really much.
Furthermore, the facilities of the schools can not keep up with practical requirements. Most students only got practical lesson at schools while the opportunities for in-company apprenticeship, access to machinery, equipment and modern technology, practical environment remain very limited.
Promoting vocational guidance
To solve the problem of employment, the most important thing is providing vocational guidance for students so they can choose a profession that matches their own capacity, the needs of society, needs for labor of the province. And to do this, there must be cooperation among the entire system.
Secretary of Provincial Youth Union Nguyen The Hoan said: “To raise the awareness of union members in selecting school, choosing a career, over the past time, the youth union has implemented the communication of occupations and employment, organized enrollment counseling festivals, opened training courses to improve knowledge, skills on career orientation, supported young people to involve in vocational training, to establish the business... And indeed many youth union members were aware of the importance of vocational training, developed an awareness with regard to choosing a profession. However, in order to make the student streaming, vocational guidance more widespread and robust, in addition to the role of educational sector, labor sector, youth union, the participation of other organizations is requisite and their role should be better promoted at village and hamlet level. Because they are the ones who best understand the familial conditions, circumstances and capacity of students to make the counseling more convincing”.
Many comments also suggested the promotion of the role of vocational training – vocational guidance and continued education centers at district level. For now, these organizations only perform reasonably well in terms of provision of vocational training for rural labor, but vocational guidance is not satisfactory.
Aside from that, the province also needs to invest in and provide adequate support to vocational training institutions in order to gradually improve the facilities, have policies to attract high-quality human resources for teaching, thereby contributing to improving the quality of training. Because, only when vocational training institutions can actually build reputation for themselves, student enrollment can be facilitated.
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