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Bac Lieu: Promoting vocational training, job creation for sustainable poverty reduction
13:55' 3/21/2016
(Molisa.gov.vn) Vocational training (DTN), especially vocational training for rural labor associated with employment has positively contributed to poverty reduction of Bac Lieu Province in a sustainable way.

According to the Bac Lieu province’s Department of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs, from 2011 to now the implementation of national target program on employment during period 2011 to 2015, the province has made efforts to promote vocational training, especially vocational training for rural labor. Whereas the province has been implementing projects such as: infrastructure of industrial zone, wind power plants, high-rise hotels, office towers (Bac Lieu Tower); infrastructure of tourist sites and agricultural- rural development projects, especially the program of new rural development; the production models have attracted labor and created jobs for sustainable poverty reduction.
Province’s job creation centered on practical solutions such as: vocational training linked to employment, technology transfer, occupation development, job placement consultancy, capital investment for business expansion, opening of job trading floor to create an environment connecting supply and demand of labor enabling workers to find job and stabilizing people's lives. Bac Lieu province currently has 17 vocational training institutions (including 10 public institutions and 7 non-public institutions), and many production facilities that associate production with vocational training for laborers in form of skills handing-down. Most vocational training institutions are focused on teaching practical occupations that are suitable for laborers’ conditions and opportunities to find jobs, particularly rural labor in the province, such as: Hair curling, motorcycle repair, industrial sewing, beading, orchid cultivation, ganoderma cultivation...

After learning techniques of cultivating Ganoderma, many farmers in Bac Lieu has successfully implemented this model bringing greater economic benefits than other mushrooms.

With all activities aforementioned, the province has been able to create jobs for tens of thousands of workers; carry out employment counseling, vocational counseling to thousands of other workers. Thanks to vocational training and opportunities to find or create jobs inside and outside the province, many workers have escaped poverty. It is a praiseworthy achievement in urban as well as rural areas in Bac Lieu province in recent years. Built on achieved results of National Target Programme on poverty reduction, since 2011 Provincial People's Committee has directed the various levels and sectors to implement national target program and achieved results are encouraging.

Wicker weaving is one of the many occupations that rural women learn in order tp create job at home for increase in income

Through uniform implementation of activities in poverty reduction, increasing efficiency, better implementation of the policy of Party Committee, People's Committee on assigning departments, agencies, units and party members in the province, districts, city and asking the enterprises to support poor families through providing capital, the means of production, instructions on how to do business for the poor, so thousands of poor households in the province have received support, capital funding , and the means of production amount to tens of billions of VND.

With all those practical measures as mentioned above, the whole province has eliminated poverty for thousand of poor households in a sustainable way. Successfully requested the Social Welfare Fund, the Fund for the Poor for hundreds of billions VND in form of donation, built thousands of great solidarity houses, teammate houses, the gratitude houses for the poor. Especially, 100% households, people under national devotee policies in the province are no longer in the list of the poor and near poor households and the standard of living is equal to or higher than the average standard of living in the residence.


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