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Vocational College No. 3 - MOD: Improving the quality of vocational training
11:51' 3/21/2016
(tapchigiaothong.vn) Vocational College No. 3 - Ministry of Defence, formerly known as Military Region 3 Driving School, was established on 17th March 1960 in Dong Trieu - Quang Ninh.

Rector: Senior Colonel Le Thanh Thuy

Vocational College No. 3 - Ministry of Defence, formerly known as 3rd Military Region Driving School, was established on 17th March 1960 in Dong Trieu - Quang Ninh. Entering a period of integration along with the development of the Vietnam People's Army, due to the need for provision of high quality human resource to society in the new period, the school was established by Decision No. 78 dated 12th January 2007 by Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs and became Vocational College No.3 – Ministry of Defence, its function is provision of vocational training and employment for discharged soldiers, policy beneficiaries and the need for vocational training in society. Currently, the school provides training in 7 college-level vocational fields, 14 secondary school-level vocational fields, 10 elementary school-level vocational fields. Especially in August 2015, the school was selected by the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs to be one of 15 schools to provide training in 02 key college-level vocational fields with international standard (Mechatronics, Industrial Electronics) using the program transferred from Australia.
This duty has great political-socio significance for creating favorable conditions for discharged soldiers to make a living and providing the labor force through high-quality training for socio-economic development.
After 56 years of construction and development, the university always successfully completed the assigned tasks. Particularly, in recent years, the school has organized enrollment counseling in vocational training for discharged soldiers in the units in the areas of 3rd Military Region, 2nd Corps, Air Force, Navy ... and needs for vocational training in localities such as: Hai Phong, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Hai Duong, Hung Yen ... with over 20,000 people counseled.
In addition, the school has always closely cooperated with businesses inside and outside the military in sending students to manufacturing enterprises for internship in order to improve skills and recommending job for students after completion of training. At the graduation ceremony held for college students in school year 2012 - 2015,  secondary school students in school year 2013 - 2015, 52 enterprises signed contracts to receive 958/1042 students (91.9%) with average salary from 3.5 million to 5 million VND/person/month. The school also organized oriented training for students working in Japan, Souh Korea, Taiwan for nearly 300 people; completed labor export application for nearly 50 candidates going to work in Japan (11 people already left).
These successes were attributed to the School party - the school managing board’s focus on building and strengthening capability of the staff, teachers working in the field of vocational training; standardization and modernization of vocational training ensuring qualification for meeting the requirements of vocational learning and vocational training in a new period. In 2015, the school sent five personnel for high education, 6 personnel to university, 158 teachers to professional training courses in the country, provided standardized training for 79 teachers with Level B1 English and IC3 computer skill, sent 01 employee to advanced countries in the world (Brazil) for learning experience.
The school has a range of policies to support teachers to improve their qualification, encourage teachers, students to conduct scientific research, come up with initiatives and technical innovation, build model of training equipment, provide training in computer skill and foreign language for teachers according to international level.
Along with taking care of the teachers, the School’s party committee - the management board always attaches great importance to strengthening the system of equipment and facilities to improve vocational training quality in recent years with a budget of 400 billion VND for purchase of training equipment, construction of workshops, theory classrooms, housing, office buildings, dormitories, field and training  driving test center ... So far, the school has 70 theory classrooms, 96 workshops installed with modern equipment ensuring approximately 15 thousand students/year can be served of which 7 workshops are European standard, 28 workshops are ASEAN standard, 61 workshops are national standards.
With those accomplishments, in 2015, the school’s party committee received clean and healthy title, the school achieved the title of comprehensive strong unit, the Ministry of  Defence and the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs awarded the school excellent emulation flag.
With strategy from now until 2020, the school continues to maintain and promote the achievements, continues to build successful model of high quality vocational schools in ASEAN region and the world to become a reliable place for vocational training, job counseling and supply of highly qualified workers to the region and the world. In particular, building a number of vocational fields to become a brand of the school to contribute to socio-economic development, poverty eradication, ensure national defense - security, promote industrialization, modernization in 3rd Military region area and neighboring provinces.


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