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The milestones of Nghe An Trading and Tourism Vocational College
14:27' 2/19/2016

Nghe An Trading and Tourism Vocational College is one of 40 schools that have been approved by the Government in the "Project of developing high quality vocational schools until 2020". That is an honor to recognize the efforts of officials, teachers, students, under the direction and orientation of the School’s Party committee.
1. Development plan of the School in the period 2015 to 2020 and the following years:
- Focus all resources on implementing 6 criteria of high quality school according to Decision 761 dated 23/05/2014 by Prime Minister.
- Strive to develop into practical engineer-training university (period 2018-2020).

Practice center of restaurant, hotel of the School

2. Staff:
Increase the quantity and quality: There were only 5 employees when the school was established, now the school has 181 employees. Including 4 PhD; nearly 80% have post-graduate qualifications, are artisans and experts; 100% of teachers meet the standard as stipulated; over 60% of teachers are qualified in: Computer science, Foreign language (Level B); Political theory (Intermediate); State management of education and training and management of vocational training or higher ...
3. With regard to student enrollment, training and scientific research:
- Enrollment rate for 5 years (2010-2015) reached an average of 104% against original plan (school year of 2015-2016: 101.1%)
- Multidisciplinary training and in various forms to suit the needs of learners and social requirements (Training in school’s facilities, within and outside office hours, in institutions that have cooperation; in enterprises according to order placement...).
- Of 17 vocational fields, The Ministry of Education and Training assigned the school to conduct training in 2 fields at international level and 1 field at ASEAN level.
- Conduct 10 scientific research projects at all levels (1 province-level project, 9 school-level projects and experience initiatives) and these have been applied effectively in practice.

Main facility of the School

4. Training linked to employment:
- Closely associated with more than 70 domestic and foreign enterprises to recommend  students for employment after graduation, and even during internship (from year 2 onwards);
- An annual average of 80% students are recommended employment after graduation: With stable jobs and incomes (especially students in tourism - hotel field have a rate of close to 100%); total: 1,000 people (700 domestic, 300 overseas).
- Especially, quality of school education has approached and met the requirements of developed countries (Singapore, South Korea, Japan, Macau).

School’s No.2 Facility

5. Facilities and equipment:
Currently the school has 3 modern facilities with an area of more than 8 hectares, worth nearly 1,000 billion VND, including synchronous practical teaching and learning system in the field of cooking technique; tourism, table - chamber - bar - receptionist; Computer learning; Foreign Language (ASEAN and European standards). Lecture hall, electronic library (largest and most modern in the Central region); Picnic stage; vehicles for transporting students. Closed and fully equipped dormitories that accommodate more than 2,000 boarding students (equipment, water filters, free wifi).

Delegation of Laboratovie Life (Japan) took photograph with leaders, students of Nghe An Trading and Tourism Vocational College

6. Outstanding achievement reward:
• The School:
15 years of continuous successful completion of the task. The school has been awarded:
3 Labor Order (First class, second class and third class), 5 Emulation Flags for leading unit; 30 Certificates of Merit from the Government and all levels.
Won first prize at Province-level teaching festival for vocational teachers 3 times 
The school is 1 of 40 key vocational schools that will be prioritized for investment in accordance with Decision 761/2014 by Prime Minister. Is one of 25 schools out of 40 schools tasked with pilot vocational training of 12 fields at international level.
School’s Party committee has received the title of Clean and Healthy Party Committee for 15 consecutive years (of which 7 years with excellent and outstanding clean and healthy Party Committee title), was awarded Emulation Flag for 5 consecutive years by Provincial Party Committee.
Mass organizations are outstanding units at provincial and central level.

Practice of cooking at Nghe An Trading and Tourism Vocational College

• For individuals:
School’s teachers were awarded the noble title: Labor Order (second class, third class) for more than 100 times;
National and provincial Emulation Fighter; Certificates of Merit at ministry, central and provincial organizations level; 1 manager was awarded "Top 100 ASEAN good managers."
20 excellent teachers at provincial and national level; 1 artisan of Vietnam food culture.
1 delegate attended to the National Party Congress (12th) and 1 delegate attended National Patriotic Emulation Congress in 5-year period from 2010 to 2015...

Nghe An Trading and Tourism Vocational College’s students practice language with foreign visitors.

7. Social work and charitable activities (last 5 years):
Donated nearly 1 billion (to build Great unity house - in Nghi Thu ward (Cua Lo town), build the bridge of Chom Lom (Con Cuong), Martyrs’ Cemetery of Quang Tri, Vietnam - Laos, Thanh Chuong; provided support to families entitled to supporting policies, students who overcome hardships, floods, poor Tam Quang commune...)


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