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Quang Ngai citizens benefited from Vocational Training Project for rural laborers
10:3' 1/28/2016
(Molisa.gov.vn) As our country enters a period of integration and development, vocational training for farmers helping them gain access to scientific and technical progress to produce high quality agricultural products becomes necessary. Project 1956 by the Prime Minister on the policies of providing vocational training for rural laborers has been launched to address this urgent request.

In Quang Ngai province, after 05 years implementing 1956 project, 74,648 rural laborers have received vocational training. Particularly, Provincial Farmer’s Union has opened 91 vocational training courses for 2,960 trainees. Training duration is 3 months and less than 3 months, with occupations such as: husbandry; prevention and control of animal disease; industrial tailoring; floristry - landscaping ... After participation in vocational training courses, laborers are able to improve their knowledge increasing productivity, quality of crops and livestock. They were also provided additional information on loan policies, labor recruitment needs, demand for goods within and outside the province helping them to know more about the profession and continue with the occupation after completion of their learning.
Being a farmer who graduated from vocational training course on freshwater fish farming in Son Tinh, Mr. Le Van Leo said: "Within only 03 months participating in the course I have acquired an abundance of experiences on raising freshwater fishes. Previously my family only raised 1,000 grass carps there was time when only 40-50 grass carps left due to die-off. Now after learning raising technique, technique of prevention of fish disease, fish die-off could be reduced 70 – 80%. Thus sale and profit increased, I am going to borrow more money for raising fish in Tra river in order to improve family life". Farmer Bui Van Bang, Phu Le 2 village, Binh Trung commune, Binh Son district also shared: "Learning husbandry at first appeared to be meaningless to me because I have done it for a long time but after learning, I realized it was really useful, many previous riddles that I did not whom to ask can be answered now. Through this class I learned how to prevent the cattle disease, how to do breed selection, how to choose food, how to breed effectively... ".
Experiences of insiders have reflected the benefits of vocational training for farmers. For farmers to properly learn the craft needed, annually, Provincial Centre for Vocational Training and Support to farmers in collaboration with the district establishes a guiding council to provide advises to Project 1956 Steering Committee of the commune on conducting the survey on the needs for vocational training and signing up local farmers for vocational training. Mr. Dinh Duy Sung - Deputy Chairman of the Provincial Farmer’s Union, Director of the Provincial Centre for Vocational Training and Support to farmers added: Most of the vocational training courses organized by Provincial Centre for Vocational Training and Support to farmers were held in villages and communes therefore it was very convenient for farmers to participate in the class. Majority of participants were able to apply knowledge acquired in the course into family production activities and reaped immediate results such as in mushroom growing, repairing agricultural machinery, cattle breeding ... On 01/7 /2015, due to Decision 971/ QD-TTg of the Prime Minister, the subjects entitled to vocational training were extended, laborers who have permanent residence in the ward and town directly engaged in agriculture or member of households with agricultural land being recovered are able to attend vocational training for job changing.
Benefits from vocational training for rural laborers are evident. Therefore Quang Ngai Provincial Farmer’s Union will continue to maintain and develop vocational training for farmers with the aim of having over 3,000 farmers vocationally trained by 2020.


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