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The mother who won the first prize in the writing contest 'I choose a job': I almost 'crushed' my child's passion
10:21' 2/3/2021

The contest was organized by the DEVT (Ministry of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs) in cooperation with Tuoi Tre Newspaper .

Tears of the mother

The first prize was awarded to the work "Cu be lai ngoan muc” (A spectacular turn of the wheel) by Nguyen Thi My Phuong (Tien Giang) about the character who is her son, Nguyen Phuong Toan.

Toan is a good student of Tien Giang specialized high school, studied specialized for Chemistry in 3 years, won many awards at city and provincial level. The mother hoped he would become a doctor, but then he had his own choice to be a chef.

One day, Toan left his house to go to Ho Chi Minh City with empty hands and left a letter, which contained the passage: "Perhaps you are the first person who inspired me working in the kitchen. Please allow me choosing a career in the kitchen! Time will prove that my choice of this career is not wrong”.

Going through many difficulties, Toan gradually developed his profession and won many big and small awards in cooking competitions. Toan also represents Vietnam to participate in the ASEAN skills test and currently has many opportunities to work in a large hotel and restaurant environment in the world.

Ms. Phuong was touched when recalling the old story - Photo: DUYEN PHAN

"My child is not wrong, but I was wrong. I thank him for daring to yearn, dare to fight, dare to live to the fullest because of his passion. People are not allowed to choose their fate, but can change. It is by my personality and choices in my life. 'Studying well does not necessarily make success, but choosing the right career and being good with the profession will surely succeed' - that is what I absorb the most ", Ms. Phuong wrote in submissions.

Each school level has its own mission

Speaking at the ceremony, journalist Le The Chu - editor-in-chief of Tuoi Tre newspaper - said that for many years Tuoi Tre Newspaper and the General Department of Vocational Education have organized programs, activities and playgrounds for students. vocational education institutions to accompany and encourage young people to choose vocational training. One of the highlights of that activity was that I choose career writing contest.

 "Reading carefully 300 submissions has left us with a lot of emotions. There are thoughts and worries of the mother who wants her son to go to the doctor, but she is determined to learn to cook. There are those who have been admitted to university with very high scores, studied for one year or two years but realized that they like to be tour guides.Overcoming many barriers from family, you started over again. vocational school ... "- Mr. Chu said.

We would like to thank the authors. Because these emotional stories are the material for us to more vividly our pages. Besides, we also would like to thank the leaders of the General Department of Vocational Education for always accompanying and supporting Tuoi Tre newspaper in communication programs on vocational education.

Journalist Le The Chu, editor-in-chief of Tuoi Tre newspaper.

Journalist Le The Chu - editor-in-chief of Tuoi Tre Newspaper - Photo: DUYEN PHAN

Dr. Truong Anh Dung - Director General of the General Department of Vocational Education - emphasized that each education level in the national education system has its own mission. "Vocational education alone has a mission to train a workforce directly participating in the labor market, the force in which it creates productivity, creates real value. Therefore, the role of education career is very important "- Mr. Dung said.

Mr. Truong Anh Dung said that the focus on developing vocational skills can contribute to increasing GDP of each country by 0.5-2%. The global shortage of skilled workers costs about $ 6,000 billion a year, a terrible figure. Many international reports also mention that skills shortages in some countries will be worse and worse.

In the coming time, the General Department will build a career education space and move towards a career education communication ecosystem. Thereby, the vocational education propaganda will be further strengthened ...

Dr. Truong Anh Dung - Director General of DVET

Mr. Truong Anh Dung at the award ceremony - Photo: DUYEN PHAN

The first prize is 30 million dong

 The individual prize of the second "I choose a career" writing contest will be awarded to:

First prize: The work "Cú bẻ lái ngoạn mục" by Nguyen Thi My Phuong (Tien Giang) written about the character Nguyen Phuong Toan.

Second prize: The work "Nghị lực nơi đất khách"  by Doan Thi Ngoc Anh (Hai Phong)

Third prize: The work "Không phải đại học mới giúp ta thành công" by Le Thai Anh Thu (Dong Thap)

Consolation prize : the work " Đậu đại học vẫn chọn trường nghề" by Ta Ngoc Diep (Gia Lai), " Hãy cứ khát khao" by Le Dang Tu (Phu Yen), " Tôi đã sai lầm"by the author Dang Dong Hai Duy (Can Tho).

The first prize is 30 million dong, the second prize is 20 million dong, the third prize is 10 million dong and the encouragement is 5 million dong.

The collective awards were given to the following units: Nguyen Hue High School (Dai Tu, Thai Nguyen), Hai Phong Tourism College, Thai Nguyen Provincial Intermediate School for Ethnic Minorities, Bac Giang Medical School, Bac Ninh Electrical Engineering and Construction College, Tay Ninh Technical and Economic College, Bac Giang Agriculture and Forestry College, Phu Tho Medical College.

"Apologize to the VET teachers"

Ms. Nguyen Thi My Phuong and her son Nguyen Phuong Toan at the awards ceremony - Photo: DUYEN PHAN

From the moment of giving birth and raising children, I always thought that when I reached the age of 18, my child would enter the university. From my opinion, the bachelor degree is very significant as it is a guideline, a motivation to help me overcome all difficulties to raise the kid up. I always hope that my child will continue writing my unfinished dream. I think the day he graduated from University was the happiest day of my life.

But not! After graduating from high school, she said to me: "Mom! I don't want to go to University. Mom, please let me choose my own career- working in kitchen!" At that time, I was so upset and all my hopes seemed to vanish. I don't accept this fact because in the past I had an unkind point of view on VET schools. At that time I thought I couldn't let him go the wrong way. With my urge to go to university, he left home to go to Ho Chi Minh City to start an independent life to nurture his dream of becoming a chef.

By 2016, he studied at Saigon Tourist School. Under the guidance and dedication of teachers, he was fortunate to win high prizes in city-level and national youth skill contests and further progress was the Southeast Asian Young Skilled Competition 2018. Back from ASEAN Skills 2018, without any medal, my child has still got many good job opportunities.

Silverland and Diplomat have opened up for my child many opportunities to experience, to create, to be himself. And in the near future, he will work for one of the biggest yachts in America with a pretty high salary. That is something I never dare to think about. Today, in this event, I would like to extend an apology to all the VET teachers and teachers because I had an unfavorable view of the vocational school ...

I hope that the society and parents will change their views on VET schools. Thanks to the vocational school, the society has excellent craftsmen, contributing to promoting the development of the country's economy.

I hope parents let their children live with the aspirations of youth. Don't be like I almost "crushed" the passion of my child. Last but not least, I would like to send to young people a message: "Studying well does not necessarily make success, but choosing the right career and being good with a profession will surely succeed". Because from ancient times, my fathers had a saying: "The best craftsmanship - the most honored".

(Excerpt from speech of Mrs. Nguyen Thi My Phuong)

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