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Year End Conference 2020 of DVET’s civil servants and employees
9:11' 2/3/2021

On 23/01/2021, in Hanoi, Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET) held an Year End Conference 2020 of DVET’s civil servants and employees with the participation and host of Director General Truong Anh Dung, and Deputy Director Generals: Do Nang Khanh, Nguyen Thi Viet Huong, Pham Vu Quoc Binh; and the attendance of all DVET’s civil servants and employees.

At the conference, Deputy Director Do Nang Khanh shared that the enrollment results in 2020 of localities and the whole country have recruited 2,280,000 people, reaching 100.9% of the annual plan, of which: intermediate and college level 580 thousand people; enrollment for elementary qualifications and other forms of vocational training 1,700 thousand people (reaching 101.2% of the year plan). In the period 2016-2020, enrollment reached 11,077 thousand people (reaching 103% of the plan, an increase of more than 21% compared with the results of the implementation period 2011-2015), exceeding the plan assigned for the 2016-2020 period,  in which: College and intermediate qualifications reached 2,472 thousand people, elementary and other vocational training programs reached 8,605 thousand people. Graduated from vocational education reached 10,212 thousand people (reaching 108% of the plan), in which: college and intermediate degrees reached 1,993 thousand people; primary and other vocational training programs reached 8,219 thousand people.   


Director General Truong Anh Dung’s speech at Conference

Regarding the network of VET institutions: until December 2020, there are 1,907 vocational institutions in the country, of which 400 colleges (including 308 public schools), 463 secondary schools (230 public schools), and 1044 VET centers (689 public centers). The total number of public VET institutions is 1,227 (538 public colleges and secondary schools). Comparison to 2017, the number of public VET institutions decreased by about 6% (1,227 / 1,306 institutions), meeting the targets assigned by Resolution No. 19-NQ/TW.

Overview of the conference
At the Conference, there were some reports presented: Final report on emulation movement; Report the implementation of the Regulations of democracy at the grassroots; Report on results of activities of the DVET's People's Inspectorate in 2020 and directions and tasks in 2021; Report the implementation of the Internal Expenditures Regulation. The conference spent a lot of time discussing and listening to the opinions of cadres, civil servants and employees about the activities of DVET in 2020 and tasks in 2021. Generally, all participants agreed with the reports presented at the Conference, and also proposed new solutions and ways to improve the working style and improve the operational efficiency of the DVET next coming years. The meeting also elected the representatives for delegation of the DVET to attend the Year End Conference 2020 of MoLISA’s Civil Servants and employees.   

Implementing the tasks in 2021, General Director Truong Anh Dung and Trade Union Chairman Tran Quoc Huy signed commitment of emulation for 2021to fulfill the mission with the goal: Continue to improve the institution, policies on vocational education in the direction of ensuring complete, synchronous, modern, integration and mobilizing use of resources, focusing on the development and submission of new documents according to assigned tasks. 2021 and reviewing to amend and supplement the irrelevant points in the promulgated documents to perfect and renew mechanisms and policies for the development of vocational education in order to improve discipline and efficiency in building improve the legal system in association with strict enforcement of the law in the field of vocational education. Strive for enrollment training2.371 million people, of which: colleges: 260 thousand people, intermediate level: 343 thousand people, elementary and other vocational training programs: 1,768 thousand people; improving the quality of training, focusing on high-quality training under programs transferred from Australia and Germany...

General Director Truong Anh Dung and Trade Union Chairman Tran Quoc Huy signed the commitment of emulation for 2021

On the conclusion speech of the Conference, Director General Truong Anh Dung acknowledged the efforts and praised the achievements that DVET has made in recent years. The Director General also raised issues and contents that need to be improved such as administrative reform, IT application as well as information sharing, coordination to solve problems and content. Besides, the Director General emphasized that for the first time the content of VET that was evaluated in the draft document of the XIII National Congress of the Party was that VET had many changes. That is the recognition and effort of the entire vocational education sector in recent years. That makes us need more effort, try harder to perform and complete the assigned tasks well.

Additionally, the Director General emphasized some key points that need to be implemented in the coming time such as mechanisms, policies and institutions – these are the contents that have done well in the past time and need to be highly concentrated as well as put in priority in the coming years; how DVET model is effective; issues of digital transformation, IT application in administration, management and administration of general agencies; capacity building for the DVET’s staffs, etc.. All is to aim to develop VET system, positively contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

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