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Vocational Skills Ambassador - Nguyen Van Hung dares to drop out of university as bored with the "academic stuff", likes to scrutinize and explore
13:57' 12/31/2020

Vocational Skills Ambassador - Nguyen Van Hung dares to drop out of university as bored with the "academic stuff", likes to scrutinize and explore

Sharing with Career and Life Magazine, Nguyen Van Hung, one of first 10 Vocational Skills Ambassador of Vietnam, does not encourage youngsters to drop out of universities to get to vocational training, but emphasized: “With any chosen routes, success will only come to those who made efforts, were patient and tried hard”

There are three key points to the decision that many people might consider as "crazy" when Hung quit his studies at the prestigious Faculty of Information Technology of Vietnam National University, Hanoi to attend vocational school. One is that Hung was bored with sitting in the university lecture hall, learning academic subjects; second, he has a hobby of scrutinizing, exploring machines; third is the job opportunities and the income of the apprenticeship in accordance with the family circumstances and economic conditions at that time; finally, with the support of his father, a great example, who also started his career as a mechanic when he shared his intention to drop out of college to attend vocational school.


- The first vocational lesson - 

During high school, in the thoughts of Hung and many friends of the same age, University is the only way to success. Hung studied hard and passed the entrance exam to the Faculty of Information Technology, Vietnam National University, Hanoi.

Over the first semester in the university, Hung gradually realized that was not suitable for him. "The curriculum is heavy with theoretical knowledge, meanwhile, I am the one who likes to practice, eager to explore and discover," Hung recalls.

Nguyen Van Hung was at the 21st National Commendation Ceremony

for “Excellent Young Wokers” in 2020

The poor economic situation of the family and the 4-year journey in university ahead, the story of acquaintances who graduated from university still struggled to find a job… made Hung think a lot.

Bright future prospects with the beginning of university gradually replaced by other realistic thinkings. Finally, Hung decided to quit his studies at the university, looking for opportunities to try his best at vocational education and training (VET) institutions.

Hung's decision is sudden with his family, especially his mother. Many times she advised Hung to change his decision. However, Hung had his father's trust and support. With the experience of a long-time carpenter, he analyzed with Hung each option so that Hung had more information for his decision.

Hung’s father said, if Hung chooses VET, with well-trained vocational skills, Hung will have many opportunities to be recruited right after graduation as well as be confident in working immediately. In the case of choosing the university path, Hung must strive to have a good diploma, otherwise it will be very difficult.

The father also told Hung, no matter which path he chooses, he must persevere and try his best to succeed.

“When I was a child, looking at the rough logs, through the skillful hands of father, it became practical and useful items such as furniture, beds, cabinets, I was very excited and impressed. Having the encouragement and support from my father, I am more assured and confident with my choice”, Hung shared.

- Achieve the success -

The training environment of Hanoi Vocational College For Electro-Mechanics quickly attracted Hung. Practice time accounts for 70%, helping Hung to satisfy his hobby of learning, exploring, and at the same time understanding and grasping the lesson.

“Each exercise in mechatronics is like a challenge. Many technical problems of the profession, apart from personal effort, also require team thinking, sometimes even debating. But every time we successfully handle an issue, we get more excitement and passion for the job”, Hung shared.

In addition to studying, doing what he likes, the school's attention and treatment to students is also what makes Hung more reassured with his choice.

In the previous enrollment consultation process, Hung said, his teachers shared about the role of the mechatronic industry in the development of modern science and technology as well as the recruitment needs of the profession in the future. The school commits that, after graduating from school, Hung and his friends will have a job right away with a starting salary of 5-7 million VND/month.

In the training process, the school also focuses on investing in modern equipment for students to practice. The teachers of the school often participate in training courses in developed countries around the world, then bring advanced technology to impart them to students.

The family welcomed Hung returning from World Skills Competition: It was the first time in life, Hung saw his mother presented him with flower

With outstanding performance in the learning process, in 2019, Nguyen Van Hung is one of two students of Hanoi Vocational College For Electro-Mechanics selected as the representative of Vietnam to participate in the World Skills Competition in Russia.

Hung won the Certificate of Outstanding Vocational Skills in Mechatronics, contributing to the overall achievement of the Vietnamese delegation. With this achievement, in July 2020, Nguyen Van Hung was selected by the General Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs) in the list of 10 Vocational Skills Ambassadors of Vietnam.

 “The title of Skills Ambassador is an encouragement and recognition for our efforts. At the same time, it also our responsibility in spreading the value of vocational education and training to young people.

I want to have opportunities to interact with young people across the country to share experiences in the process of choosing schools and choosing a career. From there, they may realize that there are many ways to success. If they cannot go to the university, they can choose vocational training or if you go to unsuitable university, you can also move to vocational training.

The young also can choose to continue studying at university after vocational training to supplement knowledge and have more chances of success”, said Vocational Skills Ambassador of Vietnam, Nguyen Van Hung.

“Returning from the World Skills Competition, parents came to pick up the airport. Mom put in my hand a bouquet of flowers to congratulate and then quietly cried. For the first time in my life, I saw her mother bring flowers”, Hung recalled emotionally.

Hung's efforts and initial results have gradually changed the perception of Hung's mother. She seemed to take away her long-standing watchfulness for the future of her son.

Later, when Hung's younger brother decided to follow the path to study at Hanoi Vocational College For Electro-Mechanics, Hung's mother no longer wondered, worried and discouraged like before. Instead, she encourages her son to believe in his choice and to work with it.

Following in his steps, in 2019, Hung's younger brother - Nguyen Van Huan, also decided to choose to follow the vocational training path. At the National Skills Competition 2020, Nguyen Van Huan excellently won the Gold Medal of Mobile Robotics.

"The story of Mr. Hung and many other successful examples from vocational training changed my perception and inspired me, helping me to make a suitable choice for myself", Huan said.

Graduating with well-trained vocational skills, Hung was recruited to Samsung Vietnam with very high salary and many favorable mechanisms and incentives in the job.

However, because he wanted to challenge his ability, Hung said he refused this job and would continue his efforts to go to university, grasp more knowledge and skills to have more opportunities and success in the future. Hung's story is a proof that there are many ways to success.

“My friends in the first semester university have also made many success. I share the joy with them. For me, I have no regrets because I have also achieved a lot of success from choosing vocational training”, Hung happily shared.


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